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Warm Audio is proud to announce the arrival of Warm Studios, Austin’s newest recording destination. Warm Studios is a world-class recording facility, second to none. This custom 3,550 sq ft studio was designed by specialized studio builder Alex Otto, of Otto System Works, with expertly constructed and tuned listening and recording rooms, and includes a lounge and lobby area. No expense was spared in the mission of providing a highly functional and aesthetically appealing space for engineers, producers, and artists to bring their work to life.Warm Studios is an extension of our mission to give musicians access to legendary sound. Inquire now on flexible pricing.

Warm Studios tour with Andrew Masters

Lane Smith - 'Austin - Acoustic'

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The Studios

Warm Studios features two spaces, Studio A and Studio B, both designed around their ATC monitors and SSL AWS948 Delta consoles which provide high quality referencing for an effective and efficient workflow.sessionwire remote services available for both studios.

Studio A

Studio A

Studio A consists of a spacious 702 sq ft control room with a 14’ wide, triple paned window, viewing into a 1,065 sq ft tracking room with a loft and 25’ vaulted ceilings. Additionally, two isolation rooms measuring 148 sq ft and 123 sq ft, respectively, provide flexibility for any recording situation.

Studio B

Studio B

Studio B offers an intimate environment with a single 154 sq ft tracking room featuring direct sight lines and access to the 212 sq ft control room for uncompromising communication, functionality, and productivity.

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